Mountain Air Roasting Giakanja sounds like…ganja

The internet and the coffee community are beautiful things. I recently received a tweet from Mountain Air Roasting out of Asheville, North Carolina.

Shortly after receiving the tweet I received a bag of Kenya Giakanja AA in the mail. Like I said before, the internet is a beautiful thing.

Kenyan coffees tend to have some grapefruit notes to them and the Giakanja was no different. The bloom smelled like the most delicious grapefruit ever! It has a nice light body with a crisp acidity similar to a starfruit that leads into a sweet green grape finish. Pair this up with a nice Silver Super Haze and you should have a fantastic day.

Mountain Air Coffee

Elm Coffee & Pioneer Square Seattle

Elm Seattle Pioneer Square

There is a new spot in Seattle to get some excellent coffee. The place is called Elm Coffee Roasters and it’s in the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood. Yes, it’s true, good coffee has finally come to Pioneer Square. When I walked through the doors I was immediately drawn to the beautiful exposed brick wall and Probat roaster at the end of the cafe. I go cray cray for exposed brick walls in cafes, especially when there are brand new Probat roasters sitting in front of them. Off to the side of the roasting area is a large wooden bench with tables and chairs. They’re illuminated by a combination of warm lighting from above and natural light coming through the windows. Directly across from that is the bar area.

I smoked tough on some Beast Mode 2.0 before the visit, so I can’t recall what espresso I actually had, but I can report that I do remember it being good…And there was some fruit in there somewhere. The marble countertop of the bar area, mixed with the natural light streaming into the space, make for primo VSCO fodder and well, the whole damn cafe is screaming to be photographed and posted all over the internets. Don’t forget to grab yourself a bag of beans for home!

Elm isn’t the only attraction in the area. Once you’re caffeinated, head across the street to the famed Salumi, where you should wait in line for over an hour for one of their legendary sandwiches. Then smoke a fat bowl and head right around the corner to finish your stoner afternoon off at The Comedy Underground.

Check this mural out after you get your espresso.

I Smoked All The Girl Scout Cookies

Strain: Girl Scout Cookies

Hybrid:  OG Kush x Durban Poison

Dispensary: Axis Management

Appearance: Bright green calyxes covered in plenty of trichomes and dark orange hairs.

Smoke: Sweet up front with a sharp finish to it mellowing out into fresh pine

Aroma: Super sweet Exactly like Crunchberries!

I’ve been smoking a lot of recreational cannabis lately so I decided to change things up and visit my friendly local medical marijuana dispensary. Axis is my favorite dispensary because it’s super close to my bus stop AND donuts! Axis Management is conveniently located directly behind a donut shop. You literally walk through the donut aroma to the weed shop. It times like these that make me so happy I’m not gluten intolerant.

Untitled design (5)

For real though the budtenders are super knowledgeable and have always given me solid recommendations for my meds. The herb is high quality, customer service is on point, and if you aren’t satisfied let them know! They want to make sure you have the best meds and experience possible.

Girl Scout Cookies have been popular for a minute but for some reason I never go around to giving it a try. That all changed this week. Like it says up top these bright green buds are covered in sticky icky trichomes and orange hairs. What really sold me is the high! I had a few hits from my new chillum and settled into some Ancient Aliens. It was pretty entertaining for about half an hour and then I was compelled to hunker down and get some internetting done. What I ended up with was three blog posts and a whole bunch of scheduled social media posts. This shit put me in the zone! Not only did the GSC give me laser focus for my work it also gave me a creative jolt. Being high on GSC is kinda like how a delicious cup of coffee picks you up in the afternoon.

I haven’t found a strain this appealing since I ran across some Jack’s Cleaner a couple of years ago. I’m officially addicted to Girl Scout Cookies! Next time you hit up your favorite medical dispensary of recreational store make for damn sure you pick up some GSC if they have it.

Rating: Run, don’t walk!

Say Bye To Arabica Lounge

One of my all time favorite cafes is closing! Arabica Lounge in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood is closing their doors on February 15th. I’ve always loved this spot for the surplus of natural light and unique design aesthetic. The hardwood floors, interesting fixtures, always intriguing artwork and skull wallpaper provide an arsenal of Instagram material. Arabica Lounge also had their food and coffee game on lock. The Croques are legendary and the Chemex for two never let me down (it’s totally ok to order the Chemex for two and drink it alone). Their sweets and baked goods are effing out of this world too! Ambiance, munchies, and coffee make this place a stoner heaven.

The bad news is that one of the most unique shops in Seattle is closing but the good news is that you still have time to try it out for yourself. If you don’t visit Arabica Lounge before they close then you totes are missing out!

Phat Panda Blackberry Kush

Untitled design (1)

Strain: Blackberry Kush

Hybrid: Mostly Indica

Grower: Phat Panda/Grow Op Farms Spokane, WA

Appearance: Dark purple buds with orange hairs and bright green stem.

Smoke: Grape and marionberry with a hashy bite to it. Buckets of dark berry notes that changed as I smoked like an Everlasting Gobstopper.

Aroma: Blueberry pie and grape jam!

Effects: I haven’t encountered an Indica so uplifting. Like ever!

Pandas are my most favorite animal/anything in all the world. They are cute and cuddly looking with their adorable faces and almost human behavior but they can also rip your face off and eat you. I consider myself a panda and most people only know me as Panda. You can imagine how excited I was to stumble upon some Blackberry Kush from PHAT PANDA!!!!!

The Blackberry Kush was extremely uplifting. It got me inspired, relaxed and focused! If you’re looking to do some studying or cleaning or writing then Blackberry Kush needs to be in your rotation. Even after multiple smoke sessions the uplifting effects stayed with me and continued to fuel my creativity never turning into a heavy couch lock feeling. As if it needed to be any better the kush smells like the most bomb blueberry pie you could imagine. I found myself opening the jar throughout the day just to take a whiff of that sweet aroma. The cherry on top of all of this is that because Blackberry Kush is an Indica heavy hybrid it doesn’t make ya all paranoid and anxious.

I could seriously go for a giant pile of this stuff! This was my first time smoking anything from Phat Panda and it definitely won’t be the last! I think it’s safe to say that if you see anything from Phat Panda at your local i502 Recreational Marijuana retailer then you should pick up a few grams and blaze up!

Rating: panDUH you should get some!

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I’ll take a brick of Sweet Cheese!



Strain: Sweet Cheese

Hybrid: 70% Sativa 30% Indica

Provider: Lucid

Grower: Root Down 509

Appearance: Bright green buds with light orange hairs.

Smoke: Good gracious the smoke tastes of sweet honeysuckle!

Aroma: I heard through the grapevine that this stuff has a pungent cheese smell, but I didn’t get that at all… Quite the opposite actually, it was very floral with a jasmine tea scent.

Effects: Straight up, this shit gave me the munchies something fierce! I had planned on smoking and then getting some blogging done, but after I smoked those plans went up in smoke. Instead, I planted my butt down on the couch and started searching Netflix for something to binge watch only to end up adding movies to my queue that I’m sure I’ll never watch. I wouldn’t recommend smoking this stuff before work or any other activity that takes any serious concentration.

Rating: Get some!

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