Holidaze #1


When attending a holiday party always make sure to either puff hard before you leave or pack your vape pen. Sure they promise free booze but the lines are long and they usually run out of the good stuff real quick like.


Welcome to New York


You read that right! Spro & Dro has relocated to good ‘ole NYC! A little over two weeks in and I found a sweet herb connection. It’s not like Washington where I could just take a 10 minute walk to Lucid my local weed shop past the Safeway, Papa Murphy’s and other suburban mainstays. This involves meeting people at parties, riding all the subways and my favorite…stairs. Anyway, I was a little worried about prices but honestly it’s about the same price as recreational was back in WA and about as easy to get. Be on the lookout for a review of two new strains here on the blog. Check out more S&D on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Ohh hey L.A.!

Currently Smoking On: Noble Farms Headband 20.78% THC / Lucid

Spro & Dro had the single busiest day ever all thanks to The L.A. Weekly! In their recent article about Compelling & Rich‘s new “herb conditioned” Ethiopia Yirgacheffe they proclaimed “Weed and coffee, a combination sometimes called “the hippie speedball” or “‘spro and ‘dro,” Reading those words made my heart flutter. I didn’t really have huge plans for this blog but thanks to Sprudge and Trichome and all of you I have a renewed enthusiasm to keep writing. Anyway, you can see the full L.A. Weekly article here. Love you.


Photo from L.A. Weekly post

Mmmhmm Coffee / Ballard Seattle

I am a simple man. Coffee, beer, and weed are all I really need. Well, I have found my home base at Mmmhmm Coffee. Nestled in the Hilliards Brewery & Tap Room Mmmhmm coffee operates a medium sized espresso bar that serves Durham, N.C.’s Counter Culture Coffee & house-made specialty beverages.

Hilliard's Ballard

Mmmhmm has top of the line equipment across the board; La Marzocco Strada espresso machine, Mahlkoenig EK43 grinder (These are like never available due to high demand), and taps for cold brew coffee.

Top of the line equipment!

My good friend John French the owner/founder of Mmmhmm greeted me as I entered the space. He asked what I would like so I responded with “whatever you think is bangin’!”. John pulled a most excellent shot of Counter Culture’s 20th anniversary single origin Hacienda El Roble. I supremely enjoyed this very well balanced and silky smooth espresso.

Hacienda El Roble

Seating at Hilliard’s is very dude-bro basement, in the best way. The tables are mismatched and there’s a couch that I’m pretty certain came from an alley somewhere (totes clean though). There is ample wi-fi but outlets are limited so make sure that you’re all charged up before you visit. If you forget that you’re in a brewery you’ll be reminded of that fact when they start canning beers! It’s a little loud but kinda mesmerizing to watch. Too loud or beautiful day? There’s a great outdoor seating area for you to enjoy the nice weather and sip on your beverage. I also did a pot when I was there but don’t tell nobody!

Last but not least you HAVE to try the Chai Ginger Beer. It is the most perfectly spicy ginger beer I’ve ever tasted. Like, I so wanted a bucket of it to sip on for the rest of the day. Beware though, this is a highly popular drink that’s made in small batches so sometimes they run out.

Mmmhmm Coffee is open 7am-3pm Daily.

You can order beer after 3pm.

Analog Coffee / Capitol Hill Seattle

Sometimes Seattle can be a hard place to have a favorite cafe. There are a lot of choices but one must settle on a couple of go-to shops. My number one go-to shop is Analog Coffee, in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood. If you follow the blog you’re familiar with “The Hill”. If not check out http://www.capitolhillseattle.com/.

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Analog  is the perfect spot to dip in and out real quick for an espresso OR to post up all day in the back working on the next great American novel. I generally go to Analog in two states; Hungover as eff or spry as hell ready for an afternoon pick me up. The baristas are really good at picking up on which mood I’m in. My drink of choice is straight up espresso and Analog has never let me down. Analog proudly serves and sells bags of local roaster Herkimer Coffee. The espresso they offer is a blend that has a lot of dark chocolate and cherry notes to it. All the thumbs up.

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I’m a big fan of seating variety. For a small space Analog had a few seating options…well five. My favorite place to set up is in the back at the long table (seating for 8 and room for your laptop). There is ample window seating to people and puppy watch all day. Visit Analog often and find your favorite spot in the cafe.

Did I mention that there are magazines, zines, newspapers, and comics everywhere at Analog? Some of them are free to take home too! Two of my favorites so far are Stay Wild & Intruder Comics.

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 Analog is open 7am – 6pm everyday.
Yes, they have wifi.

Mountain Air Roasting Giakanja sounds like…ganja

The internet and the coffee community are beautiful things. I recently received a tweet from Mountain Air Roasting out of Asheville, North Carolina.

Shortly after receiving the tweet I received a bag of Kenya Giakanja AA in the mail. Like I said before, the internet is a beautiful thing.

Kenyan coffees tend to have some grapefruit notes to them and the Giakanja was no different. The bloom smelled like the most delicious grapefruit ever! It has a nice light body with a crisp acidity similar to a starfruit that leads into a sweet green grape finish. Pair this up with a nice Silver Super Haze and you should have a fantastic day.

Mountain Air Coffee

Elm Coffee & Pioneer Square Seattle

Elm Seattle Pioneer Square

There is a new spot in Seattle to get some excellent coffee. The place is called Elm Coffee Roasters and it’s in the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood. Yes, it’s true, good coffee has finally come to Pioneer Square. When I walked through the doors I was immediately drawn to the beautiful exposed brick wall and Probat roaster at the end of the cafe. I go cray cray for exposed brick walls in cafes, especially when there are brand new Probat roasters sitting in front of them. Off to the side of the roasting area is a large wooden bench with tables and chairs. They’re illuminated by a combination of warm lighting from above and natural light coming through the windows. Directly across from that is the bar area.

I smoked tough on some Beast Mode 2.0 before the visit, so I can’t recall what espresso I actually had, but I can report that I do remember it being good…And there was some fruit in there somewhere. The marble countertop of the bar area, mixed with the natural light streaming into the space, make for primo VSCO fodder and well, the whole damn cafe is screaming to be photographed and posted all over the internets. Don’t forget to grab yourself a bag of beans for home!

Elm isn’t the only attraction in the area. Once you’re caffeinated, head across the street to the famed Salumi, where you should wait in line for over an hour for one of their legendary sandwiches. Then smoke a fat bowl and head right around the corner to finish your stoner afternoon off at The Comedy Underground.

Check this mural out after you get your espresso.