The Chronic Coffee

Happy Thanksgiving!!  Today, we’re thankful to do the first insert in Spro & Dro’s Coffee Series.  What better roaster to start with than  Roast Magazine’s Micro Roaster of the Year.  Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. has been producing amazing coffees for the last 7 years, most of which have been organically grown.  The coffee reviewed today will be their dankest rendition of  the Guatemalan El Soccoro.

Olympia Coffee Roasting Co.’s Guatemala El Soccoro

Country:  Guatemala

Region:  Palencia

Producer:  Juan Diego De La Cerda

Farm:  Finca El Soccoro

Harvest:  January through April

Elevation:  1800 meters

Variety:  Maracaturra  (Margogype & Caturra Hybrid)

Process:  Washed, Sun Dried

About the Coffee:  This coffee is highly aromatic.  The dry fragrance presents itself with a pungent molasses.  To look deeper with your eyes closed, you may recall the rich and buttery smells of the spring bloom.  Add some water to it and the aromas become more commensurate to what you’d taste.  Tropical fruits, red apples caramelized in white sugar, toffees…

No matter how you brew this coffee, (chemex, siphon, V-60, french press, etc…) the white sugar sweetness is absolutely apparent.  Tropical fruit, red apple’s malic acidity, caramel, refined sugar, walnut and a hint of citrus are the predominant flavors.  With a nice medium body and mouthfeel, it’s a really juicy coffee with a lingering floral finish.  This is the perfect coffee to pair with a cleanly flushed Sativa like a Pineapple Express.  They are both great morning experiences that’ll get you motivated to face the day.  The turkey day..

About the Farm:  Juan Diego De La Cerda & Finca El Soccoro have won numerous awards from the SCAA and the Cup of Excellence organizations over the last 5 years.  Their success is attributed to their strict quality control in managing the plantation, to the picking and wet milling of their product.  On the farm, you’d find Red, Orange, and Yellow Bourbon, Maracaturra, Typica, and Pacamara varieties. There are 21 lots on 74 hectares being carefully cultivated over the year.  During harvest season, they employ 65 people with 22 of them as year round staff.

So, chuch, my nugs.  Take this knowledge and bless those around you!  Happy Holiday season!!


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