The US  Barista competition season has officially started this week in the Southeast region. It was scheduled to start earlier in Atlanitc City (NERBC) but Sandy had other plans. There were many great Baristas that competed this weekend and they all did a phenomenal job.

Some of our readers might not know what I’m talking about here. Yes, there are regional Barista competitions throughout the year culminatting in the Unites States Barista Comeptition. Baristas train for months perfecting their espresso, cappuciono and signature beverage for the fifteen minutes you are alotted to wow the judges. It doesn’t stop there! After all of the regional and national competitions are finished there is the World Barista competition.

There is also the Brewers Cup. The brewers cup is strictly a manual brew competition. Brewers use Chemex, Aeropress, and more to brew what will be determined the best cup of coffee.

Everyone involved does such a  great job and it’s great to see their passion for the industry. Below are the results from the SERBC. Next up is The Big Central in January.


1: Lem Butler/Counter Culture

2: Colin Whitcomb/MadCap Coffee

3: Michael Harwood/Carrboro

4: Trevor Corlett/Madcap

5: Camila Ramos/Panther Coffee

6:Travis Beckett/Peregrine

Brewers Cup:

1: Johnathan Bonchak/Counter Culture

2: Michael Harwood/Caroboro

3: Wade Preston/Batdorf & Bronson (ATL)

4: Ryan Hall/Panther Coffee

5: Andrew Cash/Jubala Village Coffee

6:  Judith Mandel/Peregrine Espresso

Now go smoke a bowl. We’re smoking on the OG Kush. What are you smoking? What kind of coffee are you drinking on? COMMENT BELOW!

OG Kush

Sweet skunky jasmine aroma. Strong thick smoke with a foral almost rose petal finish.


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