Happy New year

It’s a new year and we are super pumped here at Spro & Dro. It’s still legal to smoke weed in Washington! We’ve also been tasting some really great coffees from all over. Here’s our first post of the year! Make sure to comment and share on Facebook to show some love!

Blue Dream



Cannabis sativa

Provider: Lacey Cross

Aroma: Sweet haze with a fruit candy-like smell.

Smoke: Very smooth spicy smoke. piney aftertaste.

Effects: Starts off with a burst of energy. Very good for a weekend morning when you want to get something done but there’s no rush. Good for relieving stress and relaxing. When I smoked a few more hits the nice relaxing feeling turned into couch lock and off to slumber land I was. I totally recommend Blue dream for anyone that’s having a hard time sleeping or just unwinding. BEWARE: This one is a munchie monster! Make sure to have some goodies close for this one.

Sometimes we get all artsy and shit. Blue Dream tends to help!


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