Big Central Regionals Soon!

It’s almost time for the BC Regional Barista Competition. That’s right there are Barista competitions. Having competed in a handful of NWRBC I can tell you that it takes months of preparation and practice. This entry is for my weedheads that want to know what goes on at regionals.

Baristas are required to serve twelve espresso drinks to four judges. That’s four espressos, cappuccinos, and four signature beverages. It’s not required they serve in that order though. Ohh, they only have fifteen minutes to do everything. The judges look for such things as persistence of crema (crema is the foam at the top of the espresso), milk texture, synergy, and of course flavor. The signature beverage is pretty fun. You can use pretty much anything but alcohol.

Preparing drinks isn’t the only thing they have to do. While the Barista prepares the drinks they give the judges the low down on the coffee they’re using. They go over such things as where the coffee was grown, who grew the coffee, who roasted the coffee, when the coffee made it to the states, what is in the blend, how long it was roasted…pretty much anything you could possibly know about the coffee they are using. Lately the milk being used has become very important too. What the cows are eating and what the season is can have an effect on the milk.

That’s my basic overview of Barista competitions. Check out the links below for more info on regional Barista competitions. If you have any questions let me know by leaving a comment. Also make sure to follow us on Twitter!

Photo Courtesy of pandaman73

NWRBC 2012 Sam Purvis of Coava Coffee.

Scoring Guidelines–
SERBC Winner’s Routine-
Barista Guild of America Site-


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