Spro & Dro reviews Barismo’s Gildardo Gutierrez

Alright! We’re continuing to taste AMAZING coffees here at S&D, and this one is no exception.  Barismo is a small batch roaster (roasting no more than 6 lbs at a time) based in Arlington, MA, right outside of Cambridge.  For the last 4 years, these guys have been consistently putting out fantastic, directly-traded coffees, and since their inception, have been raising the bar in cup quality and manual brewing techniques.  The flavors these guys coax out of their beans are so unique, you really feel like you’re getting the best representation of that particular farm.  Cheers, Barismo.

Up for review is the Gildardo Gutierrez from SW Tolima.  It’s a Caturra variety which is a mutation of the Bourbon variety.  It’s a popular variety to grow because it’s pretty disease resistant and produces more crop than it’s predecessor.  More info about beans and variety can be found here.

We chose to use the single cup v-60 for this brew. For a smaller cup, Barismo recommends a 15:1 (water:coffee) ratio, but we chose to go a little bigger and lighter at just under 16:1.


v-60 01, using a recipe of 21grams coffee to 333ml water at 198F.

This coffee is so damn good, I can’t get enough of it!  For as sweet as it is, the base notes and acidity are so high, they balance everything out.  If I had to give the aroma colors, I see a dark-hued orange, red to purple rainbow.  It’s like citrus to a dark, pungent chocolate.

In the cup, I’m getting all sorts of really pronounced and clean flavors.  The first thing that hits you is the lime.  So tart, but in a split second a juicy sweetness prevails.  Your mouth waters and this flavor of the freshest, most raw cashew was toasted and thrown in your mouth immediately out the oven.  Good lord.  This is exceptional.

This is a medium/heavy bodied coffee that really sparkles in the first week off roast, peaking at days 6-7.  I recommend brewing this at least 3 times a day in that window. Check the back of the bag for coffee stats.


On the back of Barismo labels are always some helpful hints and all your info on the coffee.

Go get this coffee!!  If this were herb, I’d smoke the whole damn joint, then throw the roach in a triple-stage diffusion bubbler and smoke the SHIT out of it.   It is that good. Thank you, Barismo.  Thank you ever so much.


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