Hanging ten with Verve!

All right! It’s time for a new coffee review. We’ve been pretty busy round here lately with regionals in full swing and of course our day job! We’re stoked to the max to have some of Verve Coffee Roasters El Salvador Buenos Aires. We’ve been fans of Verve for a while now. They’re a SoCal based roaster that is deeply concerned with quality and the relationships they forge with their producers. On top of that their employees are some of the nicest and brightest in the industry. Verve is the kinda place you always wish you worked at.

Photo 2013-02-09 03.32.37 PM (1)

So, this coffee is from the Metapan/Chalatenango region of El Salvador. When the ripe coffee cherry is picked it needs to be processed. There are a few different options for processing coffee, you can find more info about that here. This coffee was dry processed…what the hell does that mean? It means the cherry is picked then put out in the sun on the ground or on raised beds to dry. The fruit is left in tact for this process so it can be tricky. The producer has to be careful so the cherries do not mold and taint the coffee.

I used my favorite brewing method for this coffee. The Chemex was created by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm in 1941. They remain a family owned business in MA. It’s even in the MOMA NY!!! My basic recipe is as follows: 1:17 1 gram of coffee per 17 grams of water. I used 30g of coffee and 510g of water. First I rinsed the bleached filter with hot water dumped that water and added the freshly ground coffee. The coffee grounds should be finer than French press but coarser than a Hario grind. Play with it though! Coffee is all about experimentation. I gently added 80g of water to the coffee to bloom (degas) after 30 seconds I added 220g of water with a heavy hand to make sure all the grounds were saturated. After another minute I added 200g more and then rest for a total brew time of 3:53 seconds.


The brewed coffee had a molasses sweetness and a deep red fruit finish. I got a lot of raspberry framboise and maraschino cherry. I highly recommend ordering a little bit of sunshine from Verve Coffee Roasters!



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