Big Chiefin’ with the Police!


John Snaza, Sheriff of Thurston County

Spro & Dro was recently contacted by our friends at Lacey Cross to participate in a study funded by KIRO News, and supported by the Thurston County Sheriff’s department!  This one is going to be epic!!!

The study looks like this:

Slated for Monday, January 28th, three subjects (one heavy smoker, one moderate, and one light smoker), two Deputies from the Sheriff’s department, one driving school teacher, one KIRO news camera crew with a KIRO news personality.

The study will be conducted at the Olympia Municipal Airport.  The subjects will be given regulated bong hits of .25 grams each until they admit they’re too impaired to drive.  Then we’re hoping in a car!  We’ll drive through a course while being monitored closely by the driving instructor and deputies.  I’ll be representing the light/recreational smoker.  After the test, we won’t be able to drive away in front of the cops… so I’m walking straight over to Sound City Coffee to chill.. This is going to be quite the sensory experience!

The idea is to give the state a better idea of what stoned drivers look like.  We’re hoping the info gained from these studies can be used in the future during the law making process.


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