Jack’s Cleaner

I live out in the county. Not like way out but far enough. Even though I am out here there are two dispensaries within walking distance. My favorite one is Sonshine Organics Network. I’ve been going there for a couple of months now. they host a farmers market every other weekend of the month. They also have a bar that you can order a hit of hash or weed.


A few weeks ago I was flush with Indicas so I asked the budtender for a good Sativa. He recommended the Jack’s Cleaner. I bought a dub sack. Two days later I got paid and bought a 1/2oz. This is my most absolute favorite Sativa I have ever had. It might actually be the best bud I have ever had.

Jack’s Cleaner


Cannabis Sativa

Provider: Sonshine Organics Network

Aroma: Pungent and piney. Almost a diesel pinesol smell.

Smoke: Light up front but gets heavy after a few seconds.

Effects: This is the Adderall of weed. It comes on really heavy up front behind the eyes and quickly cools off into a focused creative high. Jack’s Cleaner is my most favorite MMJ to date. The high lasts for up to four hours. If you see Jack’s Cleaner at your local dispensary PICK SOME UP!!!!!!!!!



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