Square One Coffee is that dank!

Good afternoon. We’ve been enjoying a wonderful PNW summer. Smoking lots of medical, enjoying many bike rides, and chilling by the pool.

It’s important for us at Spro & Dro to try coffees roasted from all around the country. We are pretty flush with roasters here on the west coast so we searched for an east coast coffee. This week we’ve got Square One Coffee from Lancaster PA. The coffee is La Victoria, Colombia. It is washed and sun dried.

We brewed this beautiful coffee with the Hario electric kettle and the baby Chemex. Yeah, baby Chemex. It’s pretty much our favorite way to brew coffee right now. They even make a special filter just for it. And as always our Baratza Encore ground those beans to perfection.

Dry Aroma:
Dark cherry and almond muffin.

25g coffee to 425g of water. Brew time was 3:23 seconds total.

What ended up in the cup was pretty delicious. It tasted like the best ever chocolate covered cherries. The mouth feel was super silky. As the coffee cooled a lot of lemon and cherry sweetness came through.

We also got a sample of Ethiopia Gelana Abaya Natural. Hecka cacao and red wine in the dry aroma. In the cup the cacao turned into milk chocolate. The red wine was still there too.

We HIGHLY recommend ordering up some Square One Coffee.



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