Square Wonderful!


Spro & Dro has been a little heavy on the dro so we’re back to talk about some tasty coffee! This is the second opportunity we’ve had to drank on some tasty Square One Coffee. This time we’re sipping on some Colombia Finca Filadelfia.

Shoutout to the Square One wholesale crew for hooking me up! Y’all are super dope.


We went full Hario on this one! The Filadelfia beans were ground using a Hario Slim Mill hand grinder, brewed via V60 dripper w/Hario filters and into a Hario range server. We used a Bonavita kettle to pour hot water over crushed up beans.

Dry Aroma:
Cocoa and brown sugar.

30g coffee to 540g of water. Brew time was 3m:40s total.

The Filadelfia has a slight cranberry tartness and beautiful green apple acidity with a slight sweet finish. As the coffee cools a bit of milk chocolate and pecan comes through which is followed by a tiny bit of clove. Holds up well to donuts and Kushberry too.

This particular coffee is sold out but try any of their offerings and you won’t be disappointed!

See you in 2015!

Here is a super amazing video Square One made about this coffee!

Colombia Finca Filadelfia from Square One Coffee on Vimeo.




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