Phat Panda Blackberry Kush

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Strain: Blackberry Kush

Hybrid: Mostly Indica

Grower: Phat Panda/Grow Op Farms Spokane, WA

Appearance: Dark purple buds with orange hairs and bright green stem.

Smoke: Grape and marionberry with a hashy bite to it. Buckets of dark berry notes that changed as I smoked like an Everlasting Gobstopper.

Aroma: Blueberry pie and grape jam!

Effects: I haven’t encountered an Indica so uplifting. Like ever!

Pandas are my most favorite animal/anything in all the world. They are cute and cuddly looking with their adorable faces and almost human behavior but they can also rip your face off and eat you. I consider myself a panda and most people only know me as Panda. You can imagine how excited I was to stumble upon some Blackberry Kush from PHAT PANDA!!!!!

The Blackberry Kush was extremely uplifting. It got me inspired, relaxed and focused! If you’re looking to do some studying or cleaning or writing then Blackberry Kush needs to be in your rotation. Even after multiple smoke sessions the uplifting effects stayed with me and continued to fuel my creativity never turning into a heavy couch lock feeling. As if it needed to be any better the kush smells like the most bomb blueberry pie you could imagine. I found myself opening the jar throughout the day just to take a whiff of that sweet aroma. The cherry on top of all of this is that because Blackberry Kush is an Indica heavy hybrid it doesn’t make ya all paranoid and anxious.

I could seriously go for a giant pile of this stuff! This was my first time smoking anything from Phat Panda and it definitely won’t be the last! I think it’s safe to say that if you see anything from Phat Panda at your local i502 Recreational Marijuana retailer then you should pick up a few grams and blaze up!

Rating: panDUH you should get some!

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