I Smoked All The Girl Scout Cookies

Strain: Girl Scout Cookies

Hybrid:  OG Kush x Durban Poison

Dispensary: Axis Management

Appearance: Bright green calyxes covered in plenty of trichomes and dark orange hairs.

Smoke: Sweet up front with a sharp finish to it mellowing out into fresh pine

Aroma: Super sweet Exactly like Crunchberries!

I’ve been smoking a lot of recreational cannabis lately so I decided to change things up and visit my friendly local medical marijuana dispensary. Axis is my favorite dispensary because it’s super close to my bus stop AND donuts! Axis Management is conveniently located directly behind a donut shop. You literally walk through the donut aroma to the weed shop. It times like these that make me so happy I’m not gluten intolerant.

Untitled design (5)

For real though the budtenders are super knowledgeable and have always given me solid recommendations for my meds. The herb is high quality, customer service is on point, and if you aren’t satisfied let them know! They want to make sure you have the best meds and experience possible.

Girl Scout Cookies have been popular for a minute but for some reason I never go around to giving it a try. That all changed this week. Like it says up top these bright green buds are covered in sticky icky trichomes and orange hairs. What really sold me is the high! I had a few hits from my new chillum and settled into some Ancient Aliens. It was pretty entertaining for about half an hour and then I was compelled to hunker down and get some internetting done. What I ended up with was three blog posts and a whole bunch of scheduled social media posts. This shit put me in the zone! Not only did the GSC give me laser focus for my work it also gave me a creative jolt. Being high on GSC is kinda like how a delicious cup of coffee picks you up in the afternoon.

I haven’t found a strain this appealing since I ran across some Jack’s Cleaner a couple of years ago. I’m officially addicted to Girl Scout Cookies! Next time you hit up your favorite medical dispensary of recreational store make for damn sure you pick up some GSC if they have it.

Rating: Run, don’t walk!


2 thoughts on “I Smoked All The Girl Scout Cookies

  1. I’de say we had pretty similar experiences. I tried girl scout cookies a few months ago, and I was super happy with it. I don’t remember mine looking as crystally (?) as yours, but it was good none the less.

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