Elm Coffee & Pioneer Square Seattle

Elm Seattle Pioneer Square

There is a new spot in Seattle to get some excellent coffee. The place is called Elm Coffee Roasters and it’s in the historic Pioneer Square neighborhood. Yes, it’s true, good coffee has finally come to Pioneer Square. When I walked through the doors I was immediately drawn to the beautiful exposed brick wall and Probat roaster at the end of the cafe. I go cray cray for exposed brick walls in cafes, especially when there are brand new Probat roasters sitting in front of them. Off to the side of the roasting area is a large wooden bench with tables and chairs. They’re illuminated by a combination of warm lighting from above and natural light coming through the windows. Directly across from that is the bar area.

I smoked tough on some Beast Mode 2.0 before the visit, so I can’t recall what espresso I actually had, but I can report that I do remember it being good…And there was some fruit in there somewhere. The marble countertop of the bar area, mixed with the natural light streaming into the space, make for primo VSCO fodder and well, the whole damn cafe is screaming to be photographed and posted all over the internets. Don’t forget to grab yourself a bag of beans for home!

Elm isn’t the only attraction in the area. Once you’re caffeinated, head across the street to the famed Salumi, where you should wait in line for over an hour for one of their legendary sandwiches. Then smoke a fat bowl and head right around the corner to finish your stoner afternoon off at The Comedy Underground.

Check this mural out after you get your espresso.


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