Analog Coffee / Capitol Hill Seattle

Sometimes Seattle can be a hard place to have a favorite cafe. There are a lot of choices but one must settle on a couple of go-to shops. My number one go-to shop is Analog Coffee, in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Neighborhood. If you follow the blog you’re familiar with “The Hill”. If not check out

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Analog  is the perfect spot to dip in and out real quick for an espresso OR to post up all day in the back working on the next great American novel. I generally go to Analog in two states; Hungover as eff or spry as hell ready for an afternoon pick me up. The baristas are really good at picking up on which mood I’m in. My drink of choice is straight up espresso and Analog has never let me down. Analog proudly serves and sells bags of local roaster Herkimer Coffee. The espresso they offer is a blend that has a lot of dark chocolate and cherry notes to it. All the thumbs up.

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I’m a big fan of seating variety. For a small space Analog had a few seating options…well five. My favorite place to set up is in the back at the long table (seating for 8 and room for your laptop). There is ample window seating to people and puppy watch all day. Visit Analog often and find your favorite spot in the cafe.

Did I mention that there are magazines, zines, newspapers, and comics everywhere at Analog? Some of them are free to take home too! Two of my favorites so far are Stay Wild & Intruder Comics.

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 Analog is open 7am – 6pm everyday.
Yes, they have wifi.


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