Mmmhmm Coffee / Ballard Seattle

I am a simple man. Coffee, beer, and weed are all I really need. Well, I have found my home base at Mmmhmm Coffee. Nestled in the Hilliards Brewery & Tap Room Mmmhmm coffee operates a medium sized espresso bar that serves Durham, N.C.’s Counter Culture Coffee & house-made specialty beverages.

Hilliard's Ballard

Mmmhmm has top of the line equipment across the board; La Marzocco Strada espresso machine, Mahlkoenig EK43 grinder (These are like never available due to high demand), and taps for cold brew coffee.

Top of the line equipment!

My good friend John French the owner/founder of Mmmhmm greeted me as I entered the space. He asked what I would like so I responded with “whatever you think is bangin’!”. John pulled a most excellent shot of Counter Culture’s 20th anniversary single origin Hacienda El Roble. I supremely enjoyed this very well balanced and silky smooth espresso.

Hacienda El Roble

Seating at Hilliard’s is very dude-bro basement, in the best way. The tables are mismatched and there’s a couch that I’m pretty certain came from an alley somewhere (totes clean though). There is ample wi-fi but outlets are limited so make sure that you’re all charged up before you visit. If you forget that you’re in a brewery you’ll be reminded of that fact when they start canning beers! It’s a little loud but kinda mesmerizing to watch. Too loud or beautiful day? There’s a great outdoor seating area for you to enjoy the nice weather and sip on your beverage. I also did a pot when I was there but don’t tell nobody!

Last but not least you HAVE to try the Chai Ginger Beer. It is the most perfectly spicy ginger beer I’ve ever tasted. Like, I so wanted a bucket of it to sip on for the rest of the day. Beware though, this is a highly popular drink that’s made in small batches so sometimes they run out.

Mmmhmm Coffee is open 7am-3pm Daily.

You can order beer after 3pm.


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